Osa Survival School

Osa Survival School (OSS) offers a realistic survival experience in one of the most bio-diverse settings on the planet (Click here for more information about the Osa Peninsula Rainforest). Our exclusive program is designed to educate our clients and instill a level of confidence you cannot receive at a seminar, conference, gym, or obstacle course. Through our program you will:

  • Overcome fears
  • Conquer obstacles
  • Increase spiritual/self awareness
  • Leave with a greater zest for life

If you have always wondered if you could survive in the wilderness (whether due to uncontrollable circumstances or by choice) and you are someone who appreciates a challenge, then Osa Survival School is for you.

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Our staff consists of former-military and local/indigenous mentors that will show you the ropes of the rainforest and give you a true survival experience. We have tailored four successive programs to provide you with the experience needed to survive. The skills we teach apply not only in a tropical rain forest setting, but will laterally transfer to any survival situation and life in general. Whether you are simply an adventurous spirit, a curious being with a thirst for knowledge, or an adrenaline junkie looking for a thrill… we have a program for you.

At Osa Survival School we are dedicated to offering a lifetime experience for you, your family, your co-workers, and your friends. We encourage group booking (such as corporate, school, scout, church, or social groups) which will enhance teamwork/team building. Discounts are available when booking for a group program.

Osa Map
Osa Map

Our commitment to your education and acquisition of skills, while providing a safe environment, will ensure that you leave our sessions more prepared for life's challenges. You will be in awe of the rainforest and the Osa Peninsula's flora and fauna. To compliment the survival skills training, we can also customize a program to your group's specific preference. Customized programs can include an emphasis on:

  • Environmental issues
  • Spiritual/self awareness
  • Permaculture
  • Survival warrior / confidence building

Additionally, our program includes tour packages that will introduce you to a variety of environmental settings. These packages include:

  • Scuba or snorkel tours of Cano Island
  • Canopy zip line tours
  • Guided day and night nature tours
Osa Map
Osa Map

We believe in preservation of nature and the education of becoming better stewards of earth. Our program is designed to minimize the footprint we have on this beautiful, bio-diverse area of the world and the planet as a whole. We recycle almost all building materials and absolutely believe in the preservation of all life* in the rainforest. Regardless of your current skill set, we offer a survival training course level to meet your needs.

*If you are looking for a hunting expedition you need to go somewhere else. That is not what Osa Survival School and the Green Path Foundation are about. While we simulate trapping, fishing, and hunting in our advanced programs, we do it without any detrimental effects on the wildlife.

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